After the Vampire Wars explores the contemporary world in the wake of the terrible Vampire Wars. In this supplement to Mythras, you are the monsters of myth, folklore and nightmare: fae, werewolves, changelings and, naturally, vampires.

Complete with detailed character creation, new powers, revised rules for sorcery, plus rules for contemporary urban settings, After the Vampire Wars offers new dimensions - quite literally - for Mythras campaigns.!/After-the-Vampire-Wars/p/100910112/category=27615050

The latest in the Mythic Earth series for Mythras is now available. Mythic Constantinople transports you to 1450, where the shining city of Constantine dominates Europe, still at the height of its power. But forces within and without threaten this greatest of all cities: the Christian Orthodoxy vies with Catholicism, and the Ottoman Empire begins its preparations for conquest. Within the city's streets, political factions struggle for power while criminal gangs and mercantile guilds battle for the true wealth of Christendom. Elsewhere Pagan cults skulk in the shadows, waiting for their own moment. 


Mythic Constantinople is a complete sourcebook for a Constantinople that never quite was. Meticulously researched and presented, it merges historical fact with myth and legend. Among the real personalities that shaped history are the non-human species such as the AstomatoiBlemmyaiSkiapodesMinotauroi and the Immortals. Magic is real, and so too are the threats to Byzantium. With this supplement the characters can be part of history and shape it, creating adventurers from dozens of cultures with hundreds of reasons for being in the greatest city in the world. 


And as well as the sourcebook, we have an adventure set in Constantinople: Life's Long Consequences sees the characters on the trail of the elusive Kales Pegonites, the man everyone seems to be looking for and wants – either dead or alive. Why is he so important? Who wants to kill? Who wants to keep him alive? 



Or for DrivethruRPG... 


Finally, we also present the Mythic Constantinople Map Pack, featuring large size versions of the City maps, European Empires and the Great Palace. 



Come and join us in the streets of Mythic Constantinople – you may never want to leave. 



But this isn't the only release before Christmas! Classic Fantasy module G2 is also released this month. Strange things are afoot in the Blue River Valley... Disappearances, Smugglers, rumours of ghosts, Goblin raiders led by an ambitious and ferocious young leader. The villagers need help. Help only you can provide... 


This introductory adventure for Classic Fantasy is designed for three to four characters covering the standard class range. This module provides many hours of adventure and is complete with maps, NPCs, and a sheet of paper figures for use in encounters. 

Mythras Monthly Scenario - October 2017
TDM123: White Death

A Soviet drift station in the Arctic ocean, seemingly abandoned. The Agency wants to know what the Russians were doing there and why it was so abruptly vacated. It has assembled a team to investigate; to uncover whatever it was the Soviet Union was using the station for. 
But what the agents find might not be what they were expecting. And what's more, the Russians are coming back...

White Death is a complete scenario for Mythras Imperative and Mythras. Compatible with supplements such as Luther Arkwright, the adventure is a Science Fiction and Espionage thriller in the B movie style. White Death also includes 6 pregenerated Agency personnel for immediate play, and rules for handling insanity in Mythras games.

Mythras Monthly Scenario - August 2017
Thennla - TDM305: The Arakuline Tribute

The Arakuline Tribute is a Mythras fantasy scenario for Thennla (but easily usable in any fantasy world) involving the characters in the hunt for the fabled tribute of the Arakuline tribe, stolen by outlaws many years before. The tribute included the prized King Boar Shield, war totem of the Arakuline, and still sought after by many. The Boromog tribe believe the shield and tribute have been found in the Tumbrian Forest, and a party is sent to investigate. But the Tumbrian Forest belongs to three powerful supernatural entities and the robber god Landano. Can the characters negotiate these hazards and recover the shield and rest of the treasure?

$4.99 PDF, $9.99 Lulu POD

Mythras Monthly Scenario - July 2017     
Classic Fantasy - N1: Tomb of the Mad Wizard
Even to this day, the bards sing of the rise and fall of the wizard Darksong. Said to have fallen in love with a dark elf in youth, he scoured the world for the secrets of immortality, refusing to leave her side. His quest led him into darkness, and his spirit withered while his power grew. He became a tyrant, and his tower became a den of evil and hedonism. Far and wide was Darksong feared, and his armies ravaged the land in their hunt for his artefacts of power.
Trapped in a mountain vale as the winter snows bite deep, Intuosa the Elven scholar talks of Guenever, her bloodline, and how he intends to trace her lineage through the village of Rovsgood. And he whispers the name Darksong, a wizard in search of immortality who became a tyrant and paid a dreadful price. Will the adventurers aid Intuosa? What of the legends of the Mad Wizard? The bitter snows are, perhaps, the least of their worries.
Tomb of the Mad Wizard is for Ranks 2-3 and provides a complete environment for adventure, offering many hours of exploration in the Mad Wizard’s Vale and beyond.
$4.99 PDF, $9.99 Lulu POD, and available from the following fine sites: Design Mechanism, DrivethruRPG, Aeon Games Publishing, Lulu