The Design Mechanism is run by Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash, the writing team behind many great RuneQuest and Eternal Champion roleplaying games and supplements. They formed the Design Mechanism in 2011 to produce a new range of games and supplements, entering into partnerships with, amongst others, Moon Design Publishing and Issaries Inc.

The Design Mechanism is, first and foremost, a design house, working on rules, background and settings, and then plugging into the resources of its strategic partners to bring its work to the gaming public. 

Lawrence Whitaker

A Canadian resident, Lawrence has worked for Chaosium, Moon Design and Mongoose Publishing producing many works including:

  • The Unknown East (Chaosium/Eternal Champion)
  • Rogue Mistress (Chaosium/Eternal Champion)
  • RuneQuest II (Mongoose)
  • Elric of Melnibone (Mongoose/Eternal Champion)
  • Dara Happa Stirs (Mongoose/Glorantha)
  • Cults of Glorantha (Mongoose/Glorantha)
  • Dragonewts (Mongoose/Glorantha)
  • Mostali (Mongoose/Glorantha)
  • Pavis Rises (Mongoose/Glorantha)
  • Judge Dredd (Mongoose/Traveller)
  • Strontium Dog (Mongoose/Traveller)

Pete Nash

A Swedish resident, Pete is an Ennie Silver Award winning author who has also worked for Mongoose and Moon Design. His credits include:

  • Rome: Life and Death of the Republic (Alephtar/Cubicle 7)
  • RuneQuest II (Mongoose)
  • Elric of Melnibone (Mongoose/Eternal Champion)
  • Vikings (Mongoose/RuneQuest II)
  • Wraith Recon (Mongoose/RuneQuest II)
  • Dilettante (Mongoose/Traveller)
  • Darrians (Mongoose/Traveller)
  • Against the Dark Lords (Mongoose/Lone Wolf)

Pete and Loz are hard at work on projects for Moon Design: the Gloranthan Bestiary (Pete) and Harreksaga (Loz), plus working on a special project that will be announced very soon.

Pete and Loz - forging yet another fine game... 

...Scaling the heights of design 

...Pondering probablities