This page contains a variety of supporting resources for Mythras that are free for download.

Mythras Imperative

Mythras Imperative is a free to download, pared down version of the full Mythras rules. We provide it so that Games Masters and potential players can give try the core mechanics, without having to purchase the entire ruleset in advance. Whilst we pack in a lot of material into a few dozen pages, this is only a simplified overview of a far more comprehensive system - one which comes from a long tradition of roleplaying game based around using percentile dice (d100 or d%) to resolve most activities. Mythras is the most recent incarnation of a long line of similar games, descended from the venerable, yet still very well regarded RuneQuest and Basic Roleplaying.

The core rules are straightforward and intuitive; usually, a player rolls d100 and aims to score equal to, or less than, a value (a skill or passion, for instance) on his or her character sheet that represents a certain chance of success. However, the game includes many rules that add greater depth, modify results or enhance the play experience. While most can be considered necessary for play, none are essential. Indeed, if you do not like a rule, find it confusing, or find it slows things down, feel free to ignore it completely!

Mythic Rome Maps

Colin Driver's superb maps can be downloaded in glorious colour.

Mythic Rome Maps.pdf Mythic Rome Maps.pdf
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Type : pdf

Thennla Sourcebook

Thennla is a fantasy setting for the Mythras game system. Encircled by the Outer Ocean, watched by the God of the Sun and the Goddess of the Moon, Thennla's continents reveal themselves. The jungles of Jandekot; the vast deserts of Rasputana; and there, in the east, the Moon Goddess Jekkara anchored over it, is Taygus, land of plains and hills, the great inland sea and teeming civilisations. Here empires are born: Korantia, fading now, but defiant, its city-states each a goddess incarnate; the Jekkarenes, oldest of all civilisations, and blessed by the Moon Goddess; and now the Taskan Empire, overturning centuries of tradition with new ideas, ruled by a god-emperor and his avatar, the Iron Simulacrum. And watching closely is Assabia, a land of cruel rites and cunning sorcerers.

The Thennla sourcebook is a free resource for Mythras. A campaign world that is open for exploration and adventure. It includes an overview of the world, centering on Taygus, and describes the magic of the place, and how to create Thennlan characters. More information is given in the supplements Shores of Korantia and The Taskan Empire, but this is an ideal introduction for Games Masters and players who want a magic-rich world of high adventure, with the flavours of classical Greece, Rome, Persia and Byzantium. The Thennla sourcebook will get you started and wanting to learning more. It will inspire you to create your own adventures and develop the cultures outline in its pages.

If you already have Shores of Korantia or The Taskan Empire, this booklet is not essential, although it may prove a useful gazeteer for players.

Thennla PDF.pdf Thennla PDF.pdf
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Best of Fenix Competition

The winner of our 'Best of Fenix' competition is Darvin Martin. The brief was simple: create the statistics and write-up for a phoenix, making best use of the Mythras rules. Darvin's entry did just that and we're proud to present it here.

Phoenix.pdf Phoenix.pdf
Size : 558.467 Kb
Type : pdf

Sariniya's Curse

Iaxos, south of Meeros,  is a mysterious island with a terrible reputation. When Trimostones the Gold needs to go there for reasons unknown, it's the characters he turns to for help. What challenges lie ahead? What dangers and what ancient secrets?

Sariniya's Curse is an introductory adventure for Mythras. All you need is either the core or Imperative rules. The scenario comes complete with four pre-generated characters - or you can create your own.

TDM110 Mythras Imperative.pdf TDM110 Mythras Imperative.pdf
Size : 20807.029 Kb
Type : pdf
Sariniya's Curse.pdf Sariniya's Curse.pdf
Size : 2730.515 Kb
Type : pdf
The Fenix Articles

'Fenix', a Swedish roleplaying magazine, features a regular column by Pete Nash covering a diverse range of Mythras topics. The good people at Fenix have given us kind permission to reproduce these articles here, and Design Mechanism expresses its thanks to the Fenix crew.

We will continue to post the Mythras articles as Fenix allows them to be reproduced, so do check back from time to time for new additions.


Fenix_313_RuneQuest.pdf Fenix_313_RuneQuest.pdf
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Fenix_213_RuneQuest.pdf Fenix_213_RuneQuest.pdf
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Fenix_113_RuneQuest.pdf Fenix_113_RuneQuest.pdf
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Fenix 1304 RuneQuest.pdf Fenix 1304 RuneQuest.pdf
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Fenix 1305 RuneQuest.pdf Fenix 1305 RuneQuest.pdf
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Fenix 1306 RuneQuest.pdf Fenix 1306 RuneQuest.pdf
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Fenix 1401 RuneQuest.pdf Fenix 1401 RuneQuest.pdf
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Fenix 1402 RuneQuest.pdf Fenix 1402 RuneQuest.pdf
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Fenix 1403 RuneQuest.pdf Fenix 1403 RuneQuest.pdf
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General Downloads 

Mythras 2 page Character Sheet.pdf Mythras 2 page Character Sheet.pdf
Size : 1186.163 Kb
Type : pdf
Mythic Britain Character Sheet.pdf Mythic Britain Character Sheet.pdf
Size : 134.617 Kb
Type : pdf
Book of Quests Caravan.pdf Book of Quests Caravan.pdf
Size : 856.985 Kb
Type : pdf
RQ Firearms.pdf RQ Firearms.pdf
Size : 419.813 Kb
Type : pdf
RuneQuest 6 Games Master's Pack.pdf RuneQuest 6 Games Master's Pack.pdf
Size : 11427.575 Kb
Type : pdf
RQ6 Character Sheet.pdf RQ6 Character Sheet.pdf
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RQ6 Character Sheet_fillable.pdf RQ6 Character Sheet_fillable.pdf
Size : 290.616 Kb
Type : pdf

Caravan is a preview and teaser for the forthcoming Book of Quests. This complete scenario, by Keane Peterson, sees the characters joining Jhonen's caravan as guards, and travelling through the northern reaches of The Realm. In the town of Aylesford, evil awaits - but who is behind it?

A Mythras supplement covering firearms - from black powder weapons through to Science Fiction energy weapons. New Special Effects, sample weapons, and how to handle advanced firepower in your RQ campaigns.

This is the complete MythrasGames Master's Pack translated into Spanish by M. Alfonso Garcia (and with our permission). We're delighted to be able to offer the pack in a language other than English and would like to thank Alfonso for his kind efforts.

A fully updated and corrected character sheet (also included in the GM's Pack). 

A form-fillable version of the character sheet, prepared by Jason Morris.