Mythras Revealed

August 22, 2016

Mythras Revealed!
Mythras is now available. The PDF is available immediately, and the print edition can be preordered from the Design Mechanism store. The print edition should ship in approximately 3-4 weeks.

Now, obviously, everyone should buy a copy of Mythras because it’s our flagship book, but of course there is the question that everyone who owns its direct predecessor, RQ6, will ask: ‘Do I need to buy Mythras too?’ The game engine is unchanged; aside from a few tweaks here and there, and the inclusion of a range of new Special Effects (including effects for Spirit Combat), the main changes are to layout, organization and page count. Mythras is 304 pages compared with 456 for RQ6, but as an edition of the game, you can quite happily continue using your old set of rules with all our new Mythras supplements, without worrying too much about missing out on anything that’s fundamentally changed. So, we hope you will buy Mythras, but we understand if you don’t want to.

To try to encourage you though, we are offering all our RQ6 customers a $5.00 discount on the PDF edition of the game. It’s usual price is $15.00, but our loyal customers can buy it for just $10.00 – and there’s a discount code being sent by separate email to everyone who ordered the PDF directly from us. If you bought through Drivethru, you'll get a similar email. If you purchased through Moon Design, please send me a PM so I can send the code separately.

So it’s welcome to Mythras – we’re delighted to bring it to you.

Print: $39.95 (includes PDF free of charge when bought from us)
PDF Only: $15.00 ($10.00 for RQ6 customers)

Mythras Combat Cards
Available exclusively from DrivethruRPG and other OneBookShelf sites, this play aid for Mythras presents each Combat Special Effect as a poker-deck sized playing card, featuring artwork on one side, and the effect’s description on the reverse. No more hunting through lists of effects, you can keep your favoured effects in its own hand, ready to consult or play as needed. The deck also includes cards representing Action Points and Luck Points, Fatigue and markers for various combat conditions.

All the new Special Effects found in Mythras are here, so if you don’t want to upgrade from RQ6, you can still get all the effects by buying the Combat Cards deck. Plus, the set comes with the deck in PDF form, so you can print off additional copies as needed – although the quality of these cards is beautiful, and far more desirable to use in play. The set has a guide book that describes different ways for using the cards, and explains the icons and colour coding used to differentiate between effect types.

This is a must-have accessory for all discerning Mythras players and GMs! ... mbat-Cards

Physical Card deck (55 poker sized cards, full colour): $15.00 (includes PDF guide booklet and card sheet)
Card deck PDF only: $10.00 (includes the PDF guide booklet)

Mythic Rome
Pete Nash’s Ennie Award winning book is back in print for Mythras! Updated for the Mythras engine, with new artwork and layout design, Mythic Rome is an exhaustive sourcebook for the Roman Empire during the Republic.

Mythic Rome encapsulates the dark and gritty past, allowing players to take part in the founding of Rome as a bandit on the Tiber; to overthrow the tyrant Tarquinius, the last of the 7 kings; conquer the rival Etruscan city states; watch the city be sacked by Gauls; battle Hannibal during the Punic Wars; take part in the malevolent Bacchanalian conspiracy; fight alongside Spartacus or against him; or choose sides during the civil war between Caesar and Pompey.

This invaluable book contains rules for everything from political standing to chariot racing, along with comprehensive Roman careers and guides for the weapons, armour and combat styles of Rome's legions and her enemies. Also included are obscure supernatural creatures and new magic systems to reflect the way magic works from the perspective of the Roman's themselves.

Continuing the quality and historical depth of the Design Mechanism's Mythic series, Mythic Rome stands as one of the best historical roleplaying supplements of all time, describing in intricate detail every aspect of everyday Roman life. Indeed, this book is packed with quotations written during the last days of the Republic, revealing shocking details of Rome the eternal city... a shining pinnacle of civilisation built upon a grisly foundation of crime, superstition, war and treachery.

Mythic Rome will be made available for preorders in early September. More details to follow.


From RuneQuest to Mythras

July 10, 2016
RuneQuest 6 is now retired, and while we have a few copies left in stock, it will be officially Out of Print once these are exhausted.

It will be replaced in August by Mythras - same system, new name - and you can download a taster of the rules with our free Mythras Imperative version (see below this post).

All our supplements remain available, and aside from the name change, it's business as usual for us. But thank you to everyone who made RuneQuest's 6th edition such a well-respected title. I...
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Mythras Imperative Now Available

June 11, 2016
This pared-down version of the forthcoming Mythras rules is the perfect introduction to the game. Free to download, it crams a lot into its 32 pages - everything needed to begin adventuring in worlds of fantastic adventure!
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Classic Fantasy Update

June 11, 2016
Classic Fantasy is now printed and preparing for shipping from our print partners in the US. All customers will shortly be receiving confirmatory emails of the shipping status.

We thank you for your continued patience!
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Classic Fantasy is Now Available for Preorder

April 9, 2016
We are delighted to announce that Classic Fantasy is now available to pre-order in print, or buy for immediate download in PDF.

Classic Fantasy brings Old School dungeon crawls to the Mythras and RuneQuest 6 rules. This 336 page book contains everything you need to emulate the fun of class and level-based adventuring, against the classic coterie of monsters, with the classic armoury of spells! If you've ever wanted to convert those old dungeon modules to a d100 system, then Classic Fantasy is ...

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Classic Fantasy Preview

February 20, 2016

This is a special sneak peak at the highly anticipated RuneQuest 6 and Mythras supplement, Classic Fantasy. With this book (to be released in April or May), fans of d100 roleplaying systems have all the tools they need to undertake Old School dungeon and wilderness crawls, with all the classes, spells, magic items and monsters found in one of the most venerable and fondly remembered, game systems in the hobby.

This 18 page preview gives a sample of the new rules, spells and monsters Classic Fa...

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Forum Issues

October 14, 2015
Our forum, hosted at, appears to be experiencing trouble. There were intermittent issues yesterday that seemed cured around 7pm (EST), but are now back again. I've raised a trouble ticket, although it appears to be a server-wide problem and not just Design Mechanism's site.
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Luther Arkwright Preview

May 16, 2015
Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels is almost ready for production. We're delighted to offer you a sneak preview of the book - click on the PDF link opposite to be whisked across the multiverse. For many, Luther Arkwright needs little introduction, but for those unacquainted with him, Arkwright is the creation of writer and artist Bryan Talbot, and features in two sets of celebrated graphic novels. He is a multiverse-hopping psionic agent, battling the sinister Disruptors, and ...
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The Taskan Empire

March 3, 2015
Companion Volume to Shores of Korantia, The Taskan Empire takes you into the fraught world of the Immortal Emperor Zygas Taga, embodied in the fearsome, magically animated avatar, The Iron Simulacrum.

This 105 page book provides a full overview of the empire, it people, customs, religion and more. Character creation rules for Taskan characters are provided as are rules for cults, new spells and the way Taskan religion is indelibly bound into the lives of all who live in the Simulacrum's shadow...
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RuneQuest 6 Deutsche!

December 6, 2014
RuneQuest 6 is now available in German!

You can buy the PDF of the core rules from our store on the Products page. (!/RuneQuest-Deutsche-PDF-Only/c/11615132/offset=0&sort=normal)

This has been something we wanted to release for our German friends for some time, and we're delighted to be able to bring RQ6 Deutsche at long last.
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