To the right is the cover for Monster Island - one of the two supplements lined-up for an early 2013 release. Written by Pete Nash, Monster Island is a setting, a sourcebook and a bestiary. Featuring art by, amongst others, Russ Nicholson and Jon Hodgson (who painted the wonderful cover). Monster Island contains:

  • A fully detailed island that can be used in many game settings: from Swords and Sorcery through to 1930s Two Fisted Pulp
  • Examination of the cultures of the people who inhabit the island - and their strange cults
  • A full colour, pull-out map of the island, by the superb RPG cartographer Colin Driver
  • Dozens of new creatures and monsters from history, myth and legend
  • Notes on how to use the creatures in the setting, including notes on ecology, habits, prey/predators and tactics
  • Dozens of plot hooks, scenario seeds and adventuring ideas.  

The book will be 256 pages, price to be determined.