Taking RuneQuest Campaigns to the High Seas and Fields of Battle!

Ships and Shield Walls offers additional rules for Games Masters and players, taking RuneQuest characters onto the oceans and seas, and into pitched conflict.

Ships & Seafaring gives you the tools for defining and managing ships of all kinds, including encounter tables, sample vessels and two new sea creatures from myth and legend.

Shield Walls & Battles provides semi-abstract rules for handling large-scale clashes of warriors and weapons - from shield walls and phalanxes, up to entire regiments. The rules include handling character actions during the battle, and the rewards one can expect from glory!

At 32 pages, Ships and Shield Walls is concise and focused, but detailed and guaranteed to offer an extra dimension to any RuneQuest or d100 campaign.

Prices: $7.95 print and PDF; $3.95 PDF only.