The latest supplement for RuneQuest 6, Shores of Korantia, is available for download. This setting and campaign book is based in the world of Thennla, first introduced in Age of Treason: the Iron Simulacrum. With completely new content designed specifically for RuneQuest 6th edition, Shores of Korantia focuses on the many city-states of the Korantine Empire and is a comprehensive, yet accessible, introduction to Thennla. It contains rules for character creation, social class, Korantine magic and cults, ships and sea combat, encounters for both land and ocean, and three scenarios that form a linked campaign.

Shores of Korantia is a must-have addition to the growing RuneQuest catalogue. 240 pages, fully bookmarked and indexed, and only $30 for the hardcover+PDF, or $15 for the PDF on its own.

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