Khakun Shrugs & Mythic Britain: Logres

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Khakun Shrugs continues our Mythras Monthly Scenarios. February brings you Bruce Turner's adventure, an epic quest to placate an angered god who threatens the resettlement of Further Tarsennia. Who awoke the slumbering Khakun though; and what will be the cost be to avert his wrath? Join the Tarsen initiates of the Ruddy River Association to find out...

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Mythic Britain: Logres is Paul Mitchener's superb book detailing the Saxon culture of Britain and contains everything you need to know about these stalwart invaders is the island. Logres details their culture, beliefs, kings and chieftains, politics and superstitions, and presents a mini-campaign set against Cerdic's arrival on the south coast, where he must deal with both belligerent Britons and resentful Saxon settlers alike...

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