Luther Arkwright Preview

Posted by The Design Mechanism on Saturday, May 16, 2015
Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels is almost ready for production. We're delighted to offer you a sneak preview of the book - click on the PDF link opposite to be whisked across the multiverse. For many, Luther Arkwright needs little introduction, but for those unacquainted with him, Arkwright is the creation of writer and artist Bryan Talbot, and features in two sets of celebrated graphic novels. He is a multiverse-hopping psionic agent, battling the sinister Disruptors, and his adventures focus on an alternate Britain where Cromwell's descendants hold the country in the grip of tyranny while various imperial powers gather to challenge them.

In this RuneQuest supplement, players take on the role of Valhalla agents like Arkwright. Each character has at least one special power, and these are many and varied. But there's a downside: characters are also subject to certain dependencies, and may even be bordering on madness. The game includes many new rules for special traits, dependencies, psionics, sanity and even creating new parallel dimensions. The preview offers a taster of what the full book includes, and it really is a must-have for fans of Arkwright, Science Fiction, parallel worlds and, of course, RuneQuest 6.