Mythic Britain is available for Preorder

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It is the year 495.

Saxons control Britain's east. Aelle, Guercha and Cerdic vie for supremacy in the kingdoms of Ceint, Anglia and Mierce. To the west and north the fractious Britons struggle to unite, their previous attempts betrayed by Vortigern and Uther's personal follies. Now, a new warlord emerges, guided by a druid: Uther's bastard, Arthur, bearer of Caledfwlch, the sword forged by Gorfannon.

This is the Dark Ages. Blood soaked, treacherous, fraught. The new religion of Christianity bears down on the old pagan ways. New gods invade old lands. New warlords vie for new territories; old ones seek to even older scores. The war horns are sounding. Britain is rallying. Merlin collects the Thirteen Treasures and signals the start of the battle between the Red and White Dragons.

Fetch your spear. Heft your shield. Prepare for war!

Mythic Britain is a 360 page supplement for RuneQuest 6th edition set in Britain's Dark Ages. Taking a realistic approach to the period it is, nevertheless, a time of myth and magic as cultures clash and old ways are challenged. Play as a Celt or Saxon, spearman or druid, and help forge Britain's destiny. The book features a detailed setting and a seven scenario campaign involving Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Gawain and many others.

If you like Bernard Cornwell's Dark Ages tales, Robert Holdstock's Merlin Codex or even History Channel's Vikings, this is the RuneQuest supplement you've been waiting for.

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