Mythic Rome Now Available

Posted by The Design Mechanism on Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mythic Rome takes you into the streets of the Eternal City and into the lives of its citizens. Discover Rome during its illustrious Republic and help shape the world's destiny. The Punic Wars, the Bacchanalian Conspiracy; brutal civil war between Pompey and Caesar - choose your sides and choose your weapons.

This book is a highly detailed and immersive study of Rome, covering culture, religion, magic, supernatural creatures, and its fascinating, labyrinthine history. Packed with quotes from scholars and historians of the time, filled with meticulously researched information. Mythic Rome is a must-have for anyone interested in historical rolelpaying, or simply republican Roman history in general.

$34.95 (hardcover + PDF) - note that the preorder print copies will be sent in approximately 8 weeks.

$13.95 (PDF)


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