October News

Posted by The Design Mechanism on Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Today has seen several exciting developments...

Superb drafts of the RQ cover by an extremely talented artist
Superb test layout by our extremely talented Graphics Director

I'm looking forward to sharing this with everyone, but it'll be a while yet. The cover will most likely be finished first, but as soon as we're in a position to, we'll provide some page samples too.

As promised, RQ6 is aiming for elegance. Elegance in the rules, obviously, but also in the look and feel of the finished book. Judging by the work Filip, our Graphics Director, has been doing, he's captured that desire perfectly and whilst its early days yet (hell, we've not even finished the rules) I'm confident that RQ6 will be very special indeed. And coupled with the wonderful cover, should look terrific on your book shelf, in your hand and on your iPad.

For my part I've been doodling around with a character sheet and have got something that looks reasonably good to my eye, but having seen the font choices Filip has made, I need to revisit it and ensure consistency. Then let Filip loose on it to make it look truly special.

So lots of good things to look forward to as the nights draw-in. Hope to share that cover in the next month or so.