Strategic Partners

The Design Mechanism works with Aeon Games Publishing to print and distribute its games in the United Kingdom and Europe:

Sites We Like...


Marcus Bone's excellent fan site for all things Stormbringer/Elric! related. Articles, monograph reprints, history and forums. An excellent Eternal Champion resource.

Basic Roleplaying Central

An eclectic mix of Basic Roleplaying resources and discussions.

Akratic Wizardry
Akrasia's blog page covering musings on the Old School Renaissance, Middle Earth gaming, and Edvund Yrvim's journal - reminiscences of an ongoing RQ/Elric campaign.


Design Mechanism attends many North American and European conventions. Amongst our favourites are:

Eternal Con
Held each Pentecost weekend in the heart of Germany's Rhineland.

The bi-annual convention held at Leicester University, UK, for all things gaming related, but with a special relationship to Basic Roleplaying, RuneQuest and Glorantha.