March 27th 2020: Important Announcement Regarding COVID-19 and Print Book Orders.

Our warehouse, located in the USA, has temporarily suspended operations in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. This means that until further notice, any print books ordered through the TDM online store will be significantly delayed until normal service is resumed. As we cannot predict how long the delay will be, we would urge customers either to wait until things normalise, or to order through our UK/European partner, Aeon Games Publishing, which is, for the time being, operating a normal delivery service. This does not affect orders placed via Lulu or DrivethruRPG, although this may change if either of those companies has to change or suspend their own production operations.

Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience, but we do hope that you and your families stay safe, well, and sane.

You can order our books in one of three ways.

1. You can order any of our products direct from the catalogues below. If you are a first-time customer you will be asked to create an account first, and then log-in to shop. Buying any book from us direct also ensures you receive the PDF version free of charge. Once your order is processed you'll be able to download the PDF from us at no cost.

2. You can buy PDFs of our products without the print copy from us by choosing the PDF product. Please, don't choose the PDF if you're buying the print copy; you'll just end up with two PDFs and will have spent more than you needed to!

3. You can also buy the PDF through DrivethruRPG. Just click on their link to be taken to Design Mechanism's storefront.

4. Selected titles are available in Print on Demand from Lulu. Click on the Drivethru & Lulu Stores link from the navigation bar to view the available titles. Buying a POD book entitles you to a free copy of the PDF. Simply send us an email, attach your Lulu receipt and quote [Product Name] Lulu Free PDF in the subject line.

Shipping will be automatically calculated based on the weight of your order, and your country. We ship using USPS from our warehouse in the USA, and you will be provided with a variety of shipping methods. Please choose the method carefully so that your books do not risk damage in transit.

We endeavour to ship orders promptly, but being a small company with limited resources, we would ask for you to allow up to 14 days for delivery.

Important Note: UK, European and Australian/ New Zealand Customers, please order our titles through our partner, Aeon Games Publishing. Your shipping costs will be cheaper, and your orders received sooner. 

Returns Policy
If a book you buy from us direct reaches you in a damaged or otherwise unusable state, as a result of a printing or manufacturing error, we will gladly replace it free of charge. Contact us at specifying what the problem is, and we will discuss replacement options.