The Design Mechanism is always keen to work with freelance writers, new or established, on its games and supplements. From time to time we actively seek submissions and always welcome proposals for new books to add to our catalogue.

We do, however, work to a release schedule. The easiest way to have your work published by us is to contribute to a book that forms part of this release schedule. That said, we will always consider books outside of the schedule if they are interesting, unique and fit with our overall catalogue.

The best way to write for Design Mechanism is to do the following:

  • Contact us first with your idea. Keep it short, make it compelling. We will tell you if this might fit with our current plans and, if so, how.
  • Then, if we are interested, we will invite you to send us a 500 word proposal that sets-out your project and gives us a good idea of how the idea will translate into a finished product.

We will send you our Submission Guidelines which tell you more about what we want to see and how we want to see it. Some Submission Guidelines are tailored to a particular release and some are open-ended. We will send the most appropriate based on our discussions.

DO NOT SEND US UNSOLICITED MATERIAL. You might have that perfect 30 page scenario, playtested and neatly written-up, but we may not have time to read it. It may not fit with our plans. It is far better for you to contact us first, as outlined above. If we really want to see material you've already prepared then we'll ask for it at the appropriate time.

The Mythras Gateway License is the means by which third party publishers can write their own Mythras-compatible material for publication and sale. The Gateway License is not the OGL, but is very straightforward provided certain guidelines are observed. You can download a review copy of the license by clicking on the Mythras Gateway icon above, but contact us at to discuss a full application first.