We publish a range of adventures for use with Mythras - everything from Sword & Sorcery campaigns through to Science Fiction scenarios. All these adventures  - and more - can be purchased from our online Store.

Book of Quests

A complete Sword & Sorcery campaign to thwart the ambitions of an evil sorcerer. Each of the eight scenarios is a self contained adventure or can be played as part of the extended campaign against Jedakiah. Book of Quests introduces The Realm, a fantasy world further explored in Hessaret's Treasure.

$8.00, PDF and Lulu POD, 224 pages

Monster Island

A combination of sandbox campaign setting and bestiary, Monster Island describes a remote, uncharted, utterly hostile volcanic island populated by pirmitive lizardmen, cunning ophidian sorcerers, dreadful monsters and dinosaurs, sinister and vengeful gods, and a small, desperate band of human survivors. Offering years of play, Monster Island is a superb setting in the vein of Clarke Ashton Smith and Robert E Howard.

$30.00, Print & PDF, 294 pages, includes large pull-out map of the island

Hessaret's Treasure

A companion scenario to Book of Quests and set in The Realm. The adventures must piece together a fractured map to locate a warlord's hoard. But treachery within the outlaw band that owns the map may be far more dangerous than any of the obstacles between the characters and the treasure.

$5.99, PDF and Lulu POD, 48 pages

A Gift from Shamash

When UNCC Nergal is ordered to intercept the out of control DVC Fukunusubi, it is the task of the UNCC marines to board, search and investigate, uncovering why the Fukunusubi is failing to respond to communications. This is hard SF adventure in the outer reaches of the solar system.

$3.99, PDF and Lulu POD, 41 pages

Madness & Other Colours

A Sword and Sorcery adventure that sees the characters involved in a feud between rival art collectors, leading to a dangerous journey to a bleak island populated by feral savages and the strange demigod they worship. 

$3.99, PDF and Lulu POD, 19 pages

White Death
A Soviet drift station in the Arctic ocean, seemingly abandoned. The Agency wants to know what the Russians were doing there and why it was so abruptly vacated. It has assembled a team to investigate; to uncover whatever it was the Soviet Union was using the station for. 
But what the agents find might not be what they were expecting. And what's more, the Russians are coming back...

$3.99, PDF and Lulu POD, 32 pages

Xamoxis' Cleansing

Set near Meeros, the lands featured throughout the Mythras rules, this fantasy scenario takes the characters from the small city of Tithys upriver to plunder the lonely temple of an entombed river goddess. But the adventurers are not the only ones interested in the temple and what it contains... 

$3.99, PDF and Lulu POD, 17 pages

Agony & Ecstasy

Superhero roleplaying in Gemini City. In this adventure, the heroes must uncover the truth behind an ultra-violent vigilant intent on murder and mayhem. No one is safe: not the corrupt cops; not the street gangs; not even the Mafia. What is the secret of the Agony and the Ecstasy?

$10.99 Print (free PDF), or $4.99 (PDF only) - downloads include a separate file of pre-generated characters.

Worlds United
An alternative 1950s of pulp SF adventure, where the Martian invasions of 1897 and 1938 really happened. Rockets, ray guns, crystal tech, psionics, Martian war machines and Venusian dinosaur riders!

$34.99, softcover; $15.99 PDF only, 128 pages