Lyonesse is the complete roleplaying game based on the award winning fantasy trilogy by Jack Vance. Mixing high fantasy, whimsical folklore, and gritty intrigue, players take on the role of characters of the Elder Isles, mingling with cruelly ambitious kings, conniving fairies, and insouciant magicians.

The Lyonesse RPG is complete in a single volume, and is supported by a growing range of adventures and supplements.

Lyonesse Core Rules

510 pages, $79.99 (hardcover+free PDF), $25 (PDF Only)
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Coddefut's Stipule

An introductory scenario set in the Elder Isles, and featuring 6 pre-generated characters. An ideal gateway to Lyonesse adventuring!

36 pages, $7.50 (softcover+free PDF), $4.99 (PDF Only)

Available via our DrivethruRPG store (Print copy), or the TDM store (PDF only)

In High Dudgeon

Every year, the villages of High and Low Dudgeon gather to compete in the midsummer games. But there are accusations of cheating and foul play, and even suggestions that one of the villages is employing the services of a magician. The characters must discover the truth, before the games erupt into a battle!

36 pages, $8.99/$5.99.

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