All the files on this page are free downloads for Mythras. Click on the image to download a local copy.

A free introduction to the Mythras system, and geared towards generic adventures. Mythras Imperative contains basic character creation and combat, introduces the core concepts of the game and gets you adventuring straight away. The ideal gateway to Mythras. 

Contains all the key Mythras tables and charts, markers and play aids, and two introductory adventures: Meeros Falling and The Exodus Matrix
Venture to the doomed isle of Iaxos, where a noble of Meeros seeks to lift a family curse, and where a sinister death cult awaits fresh sacrifices for its impatient goddess. Inspired by the works of Ray Harryhausen, this is an ideal starting scenario
Mythras Firearms brings rules for all kinds of firearms to the Mythras game system: muskets and bolt action rifles, through to modern machine weapons, and even weapons for Science Fiction settings, such as lasers and blasters. Introducing new combat options and Special Effects, it takes a sober and realistic view of how firearms impact roleplaying games, while being easy and fun to add to the existing rules.

A print copy of Mythras Firearms is available from our Lulu Store.
Taken from Book of Quests, this scenario takes the characters to the town of Aylesford where a terrible event has befallen the people. Can the party drive away this vile curse before it is too late? A terrific scenario for Mythras.
The free, introduction to Thennla - the campaign setting for Shores of Korantia and The Taskan Empire.
This PDF contains the main maps from Mythic Rome to use as play aids.
Taken from Mythic Britain, this scenario leads the characters into the lands of the Picts in search of one of the 13 Treasures of Britain. Accompanied by Gawain, the party must deal with all manner of hostile spirits, and the fanatical warriors of the Druid King Mawgaus, if they are to gain what Merlin wants.
This download contains two maps omitted from Classic Fantasy module N1: Tomb of the Mad Wizard.
Heroes for Hire contains the 6 pre-generated superheroes from the Agony & Ecstasy scenario, ready to copy and distribute for play. Use these diverse superheroes in your own games, as inspiration for heroes of your own, or as they are, creating your own comic book stories!
Breaking the Habit Character Tokens - Sized for Use on Roll20
Take Cover! Character Tokens - Sized for Use on Roll20

The Fenix Articles

Fenix, a Swedish roleplaying magazine, features a regular column by Pete Nash covering a diverse range of Mythras topics. The good people at Fenix have given us kind permission to reproduce some of these articles here, and Design Mechanism expresses its thanks to the Fenix crew.
We will continue to post the Mythras articles as Fenix allows them to be reproduced, so do check back from time to time for new additions.