Strategic Partners

The Design Mechanism works with Aeon Games Publishing to print and distribute its games in the United Kingdom and Europe

100 Questen Gesellschaft e.V.: Translator and Publisher of Mythras in Germany

d100FR: Translator and Publisher of Mythras in France

You Tube: Inwils hosts regular Mythras play sessions and walkthroughs of the rules.  TDM is very pleased to sponsor and support Ian and his team in their bid to bring Mythras to a wider world. You can do you bit by subscribing to the channel, sharing the link, and spreading the word!

StormbringerRPGMarcus Bone's excellent fan site for all things Stormbringer/Elric! related. Articles, monograph reprints, history and forums. An excellent Eternal Champion resource.

Basic Roleplaying CentralAn eclectic mix of Basic Roleplaying resources and discussions.

Akratic Wizardry

Mythras Encounter Generator: An online resource for rapidly creating all manner of Mythras Non-Player Characters

Design Mechanism attends many North American and European conventions. Amongst our favourites are:

Eternal ConHeld each Pentecost weekend in the heart of Germany's Rhineland.

ContinuumThe bi-annual convention held at Leicester University, UK, for all things gaming related, but with a special relationship to Mythras