7 Key Differences Between D&D and Mythras

Posted by Kaitlyn Walden on Jan 22nd 2024

The first in a new monthly series by RPG blogger Kat Walden, a gamer completely new to Mythras, as she navigates the differences - and similarities - between 5th Edition D&D and Mythras.The First … read more

Year of the Dragon Sale - 15% of all Titles!

Dec 31st 2023

To usher in the Year of the Dragon, we're holding a New Year sale, reducing all items bought on our webstore by 15% from 12 midnight, 1st January, until 12 midnight on the 7th January. So if there's a … read more

Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes

Posted by Lawrence Whitaker on May 21st 2022

Now that we've transitioned to a brand new store front, we're going to start the process of migrating our old website onto the same platform, so that we have everything in one place. The final part of … read more


Posted by Pete on Apr 27th 2022

Welcome to the new Design Mechanism web site. We are still tinkering with a few of the settings, but hope to have things running smoothly very soon. With luck our transition to a fully Print on Demand … read more