Mythic Polynesia (Softcover)

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Kia orana! May health be with you!

This, the traditional greeting of the Oceanian people, can be heard throughout a region covering a vast triangle with sides measuring over 10,000 kilometres. At the three corners of this triangle lie the Hawai'ian Archipelago in the north, the continental islands of Aotearoa in the south, and mysterious Rapanui in the far east.

Mythic Polynesia describes the people and cultures of the Great Ocean, and is a complete guide to roleplaying in this vast area of myth and legend. Examining the traditions, myths, gods, spirits and creatures of the Great Ocean, the Polynesian islands are brought alive and presented through the Mythras game system. The book includes an exhaustive overview of Oceanian life, the tribes, their magic, and their complex history and politics. A section on staging Polynesian campaigns offers Games Masters copious guidance on creating compelling Mythic Polynesia adventures at the gaming table.

This is part of the Mythic Earth range of sourcebooks for Mythras, and is not a standalone game. Either the Mythras core rules or Mythras Imperative is needed for play.