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Destined - Superheroic Roleplaying

Who are you destined to be?

If you were given fantastic powers, who would you be? Would you try to save the world - or conquer it? Would you promote peace and justice, or foster fear and demand blind obedience? Would you strive to be the world’s greatest hero or its most infamous villain?

Destined is a game of super-powered role playing. You take on the roles of individuals with amazing abilities and try to find your place in a world inspired by comic books and other superheroic media. Using an extensive array of superpowers you create whatever hero you can imagine, and take to the mean streets to mete out justice using your trusty 1d100 and a well stocked utility belt.  

Based on the acclaimed Mythras rules, Destined is an easy to learn and action-packed game system. Destined gives you all the rules you need to create the superhero stories you want to tell.  From four colored tales of spandex and capes, to gritty stories of real world crime, Destined allows you to play as whatever superhero (or villain) you want to be.

Destined is a complete roleplaying game. All you need are some friends, dice, and your imagination...