Mythic Britain: Gwynedd

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Gwynedd...the Shame of Britain 

This war-torn land has been the target of near-constant conflict for centuries, The native tribes have all but vanished, replaced by successive waves of Roman, Irish, Manx, Silurian, Pict, and Ordovician invaders, all of whom covet its fertile valleys and gold-rich mountains. It has been twenty years since a king ruled a united Gwynedd: eight contenders compete for the Oaken Torc of Gwynedd, divided into two major factions and a handful of minor ones. Only strife rules here, abetted by the interference of foreign powers and secret conspiracies at the heart of its princely courts; and it seems that Gwynedd is not destined for peace. 

This campaign book for Mythic Britain describes the clans, cabals, and coteries that fight for Gwynedd's throne, employing the rules detailed in Mythic Factions; along with the history, geography, and motivations that drive the conflicts. The adventure "Quarrelling Princes" adds another chapter to the Mythic Britain campaign, concerning Arthur's attempts to recruit Gwynedd into the Alliance of Britain. Three other adventures are outlined: "The Flooding of Maes Gwyddno" has the characters racing to save a land from the sea; "The Head of Bran the Blessed" sees the adventurers questing for a mystic artifact; and "The Madness of Ynys Mon" explores the cursed heart of druidic power in Britain.