Mythras Imperative

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Mythras Imperative is a complete, open, ORC-licensed d100 game system that offers thrilling adventures in multiple genres. Based on percentile dice and a variety of skills tailored to the character's culture and profession (rather than classes or levels), game play is simple and intuitive to understand and resolve, and highly flexible.

Mythras Imperative features comprehensive character creation, innovative combat rules, mechanics for magic, superpowers, and even vehicles ranging from chariots or steam-cars to anti-grav bikes and star cruisers. Included are sample creatures and foes, along with the unique traits they possess to make them dangerous and worthy opponents.

So whether you want gritty fantasy or mythic historical, Pulp-era spies or cinematic superheroes, Mythras Imperative has you covered. Simple to learn, simple to play, but with a surprising depth that is the result of many, many years of refinement.

And, best of all, as Mythras Imperative is licensed under ORC, you can freely use these rules to create your own games and supplements for publication, taking them as whole cloth as a base, or even combining them with other ORC-licensed content.

Welcome to the countless worlds of Mythras Imperative! May all your dice rolls Crit!