Power Outage

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Power Outage - a Destined scenario

Awakening deep in the forest...

No idea how you got here...

...Who the hell ARE you?... Who the hell are these others...?

Something's not right. There's something strange about how you feel...

No time. Danger! Armed drones, searching, hunter-killers. You have to run...

Run like Hell. Towards the lights, distant lights of the city.

Maybe someone there knows who you are; what you are.

Maybe they have answers. But right now, run.

Run like Hell.

Power Outage is an adventure for Destined.

While it is designed to introduce new players to the world of superheroics, it can be part of any Destined campaign.

Destined is a game of super-powered role playing. You take on the roles of individuals with amazing abilities and try to find your place in a world inspired by comic books and other superheroic media. Using an extensive array of superpowers you create whatever hero you can imagine, and take to the mean streets to mete out justice using your trusty 1d100 and a well stocked utility belt.