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A renegade slave, witness to a terrible trauma, seeks refuge at a monastery in Chora.

A notorious pirate holds the Golden Horn under siege and demands a meeting with the Emperor.

A disgraced soldier has returned from far-off lands, but is pursued by a relentless enemy.

A minotaur drinks himself into oblivion, raging against those who stole his brother.

An ancient sisterhood plans a secret rite, deep in the catacombs of the city.

How do all these things connect? And more to the point, how are the characters, drawn into momentous events that will shake Constantinople’s ancient foundations, going to deal with the Curse of Triton?

The Curse of Triton is a mini-campaign set in Mythic Constantinople, and brings the characters into contact with several powerful figures in a bid to solve an extremely old and dangerous mystery. Requiring investigation, wits, and a certain degree of competence with weapons, this detailed scenario is ideal for a small group of resourceful adventurers who know the city and can navigate both its labyrinthine streets and complex societies.