Worlds United

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What if...

Mars really did invade Earth in 1897? And again, in 1938?

Venus really is a lush jungle planet, where dinosaurs and reptile men still roam?

Psionics are real? Crystal Technology a fact of daily life?

Rockets play the space lanes between Earth, Mars, Venus and the Asteroids?

The year is 1959...?

Worlds United is a Planetary Romance setting capturing the pulp feel of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Gleaming rocket ships, octopoid Martians, intrepid heroes with unique powers, lizard and snake men in the Venusian jungles. On Earth, the Cold War simmers, but life is different following the Martian invasions; attitudes have changed, and new technology has taken humankind to the Moon and beyond.

Characters in Worlds United are adventurers, heroes and explorers, with campaign power levels ranging from the mundane, through the pulp heroics of Science Fiction's Golden Age, to the superhuman levels of heroes such as Doc Savage or the Lensmen.

Players can choose from Earth, Martian or Venusian humans, or go for something more exotic, such as the Ophidians or Lizardmen of Venus. Professions too, range from the expected to the unique - such as Venusian Dinosaur Wranglers, or psychic investigators. And, despite having been vanquished, the malevolence of the octopoid Martians, with their fearsome war tripods, are not far away. Can the United Worlds' crystal weaponry and gravity-nullifying machinery take on the war engines of the octopoids in a third battle for the Solar System? Will political tensions on all three worlds threaten the peace first?

Featuring art by Dan Barker (The Guide to Glorantha, Tales of the Reaching Moon, The Road To Hell), and cartography by Colin Driver (Mythic Britain, Monster Island, The Guide to Glorantha, Paladin), Worlds United is evocative intriguing. As well as being a fully contained setting, it is also an ideal Parallel for Luther Arkwright, can contains campaign notes for slotting into the Arkwright setting.

At 128 pages, Worlds United is available in softcover and PDF. The book is printed on premium paper, and contains colour elements throughout.