A Bird in the Hand (PDF)

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In Port Grimsand, Coynrad Lornnz, that infamous trapper of birds, has stumbled upon his most exotic specimen yet; the Greater Crested Trill Warbler is a fabulous avian that is unlike any species discovered so far on the mysterious Monster Island. Naturally, Scabrous the Usurer, a moneylender with an unrivalled private aviary, has bought the bird, paying handsomely for the privilege. But he is not alone in wanting to possess the Greater Crested Trill Warbler, and others covet this seemingly unique specimen. The characters, at a loose end in the nefarious alleys of Port Grimsand, are hired to liberate the bird from Scabrous, and must find a way of making it theirs.

Naturally though, not all is as it seems, and soon the characters find themselves on a dangerous expedition into the Tane Jungle, on a quest to prevent something terrible and powerful from laying waste to all life on the island.

A Bird in the Hand is a dangerous scenario set on Monster Island, and possession of this Mythras supplement is highly recommended for full enjoyment. Aside from the central adventure, the supplement also provides detailed advice on sandbox exploration of Monster Island, including how to handle overland movement, special hazards, fatigue, and the island's treacherous seasons.

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