Fioracitta (PDF)

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From a distance, the city shines so brilliantly that you never see the darkness until it is too late to walk away. Her streets are ancient, yet she bristles with the new. She charges the world for what she offers; but for what she offers, you’d sell her both your eyes. The city is Fioracitta, the Heart of Power. And she welcomes all visitors with open arms.

This supplement for Mythras is designed to give the Games Master everything needed to craft adventures or a whole campaign in this setting. The book outlines the city of Fioracitta, the sprawling provincial capital of Lascany, a region in the peninsular nation Itarra, as well as the city’s history, geography, culture, and much more. It contains full guidance for character creation, including several non-human species: the Ophidians, the Longane, the Monacielli, and others. Extensive sections on magic and religion adapt the Mythras core rules to the setting, and throughout are many intrigues, secrets, and agencies to help inform and create compelling adventures.
Fioracitta draws its inspirations from the Italian city states of the late medieval period and the Renaissance, and creates a vibrant fantasy world that is both self contained, or can be used with many of other settings for Mythras, such as Luther Arkwright, Thennla, and even Classic Fantasy.