In High Dudgeon (PDF)

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An Adventure for Lyonesse

Every year, the villages of High and Low Dudgeon meet to compete in their annual midsummer games. Every year, for the past 10 years, High Dudgeon has won. The good people of Low Dudgeon are tired of these constant defeats, and suspect that foul play is at hand. The characters are hired by the village elders to uncover High Dudgeon's secret (which must surely be magical), and exposed them for the cheats they undoubtedly are.

But is everything as it seems? In the Elder Isles, first appearances can never be guaranteed, and it may be that the characters are in for some surprises.

In High Dudgeon is an investigative scenario for the Lyonesse roleplaying game, suitable for 3-6 characters. Some magical ability will certainly be helpful, but is by no means essential. Curious minds and sharpened wits are needed if the characters are to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The scenario is accompanied by a PDF map set, and four pre-generated characters, if needed.