Brace Yourself (PDF)

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The third in our series of Combat Training modules, Brace Yourself deals with fighting creatures. Both the foes in this module (the giantess Tadc and her bear companion Terrorpaw) are larger and stronger than the characters, and use different tactics when fighting. They therefore require a different approach if they are to be defeated.

Brace Yourself! explores the options available to both players and GMs, and shows how different fighting styles can be used to handle multiple foes simultaneously. It also shows the importance of terrain and advantageous positioning - useful things to exploit no matter what size the opponent.

As with all the Combat Modules in this series, Brace Yourself! includes a tactical map and downloadable tokens for use at the table or in a virtual tabletop environment such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.

Note that you need either the Mythras core rules, or Mythras Imperative to make best use of this module.