Life's Long Consequences (PDF)

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Kales Pegonites is the man that everyone wants. He’s gone missing, and there are several people looking for him for different reasons. But finding him is only part of the deal: Kales has found himself mixed up in a mystery as old as The City itself.
Life’s Long Consequences is intended to showcase some features of Mythic Constantinople, particularly the seedier side of life. It is suitable for characters who have newly arrived in the city as well as those who have been here longer. It is designed to have a little of everything: investigation, social interaction, skulking and sneaking, as well as combat, emphasising that surviving the City of Wonders requires more than just a strong arm and a sharp blade.
But the adventure can be adapted to any large city without too much trouble; the only requirement being a foreign enclave of merchants, placed on the other side of a river or on a nearby island. In fact, owning Mythic Constantinople is not essential to run this scenario, although it does provide context and background information that will bring this adventure alive. The scenario can easily be set, with a little adaptation, in Thennla, perhaps, or Mythic Rome. And of course, the Greek nature of the city makes this scenario ideal for intrigue in Meeros.
Welcome then, to a Byzantium that never quite was, and join the search of Kales Pegonites. Why do so many want him? What will they do when they find him? Indeed, is there anything left of him to be found... These answers, and more, await in the labyrinthine streets of the Queen of Cities...