The Lonely Lighthouse (PDF)

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Adventure Module G2

Strange things are afoot in the Blue River Valley... Disappearances, Smugglers, rumours of ghosts, Goblin raiders led by an ambitious and ferocious young leader. The villagers need help. Help only you can provide...
This introductory adventure for Classic Fantasy is designed for three to four characters covering the standard class range. This module provides many hours of adventure andis complete with maps, NPCs, and a sheet of paper figures for use in encounters.

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    Does it's job, but could do so much better.

    Posted by David Cox on Jun 17th 2022

    As a beginning scenario this "Sandbox" adventure does the job, but could be so much better. For a start the setting of the valley is too cramped, with suggested journey times of 3-4 hours along roads to cover only 6km. Really the hex distances on the maps should be scaled up by about 100%. Also, there are a few glaring logical plot holes that only become obvious during play. For instance, in the opening plot a child goes missing, presumed kidnapped. However no reason for the kidnapping is given, and no ransom is demanded! Also, these events are 2-3 days old by the time the PCs hear of them, but no search has been conducted, nor has the blindingly obvious possible kidnappers location been explored! It might have been better if the PCs stumble upon the child's family frantically searching through their fields as they travel a nearby road. That way the incident is fresh, and the obvious has not yet been considered. Because of this, and problems I encountered with the Classic Fantasy rules book, I didn't play any further into the adventure - which on re reading seems to have similar plot issues! Overall it does the job, but only just.