Xamoxis' Cleansing (PDF)

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Xamoxis' Cleansing

By Darvin Martin

Upriver from Meeros, Dianthe Kalos and her wealthy family controls the small city of Tithys. Recently, Dianthe has come into knowledge of the whereabouts of the fabled treasure known as The Cleansing. She is looking for keen adventurers to retrieve it for her.

But she is not the only one interested in The Cleansing: a vengeful goddess, a warband of panthotaurs seeking retirbution, and a sinster cult of shaman-assassins also want it. The race is on to uncover the mysteries of the Flooded Temple and secure this powerful magic item - or die trying...

Xamoxis' Cleansing is a Mythras scenario for 4-6 characters who are competent in melee and magic.